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How To Decorate Your Vunder

Hi, I'm Simone, one of the new bloggers at Vunder.

As a woman with an ever changing style, I love matching my space to my mood of the day by changing out the display of my Vunder products.

To date, I've used river rocks, glass gems, glitter, flowers and even liquids, to personalize my space.

In doing this, I realized how easy using one is and so I'd like to give a step-by-step loading/unloading demonstration:

Step One

Start by flipping your Vunder over so the base faces upwards.

*Be careful when turning onto rough surfaces as you do not want to scuff or scratch.

Pro Tip: If you're worried about scratching your product or making a mess, simply place a towel underneath your Vunder to protect it.

Step Two

Find your inspiration and decorate! The options are endless, but I decided on baby's breath and fuchsia-white carnations because I wanted a natural look today.

*I layered the flowers in a circular pattern to achieve the final look

Step Three

Experiment with liquids! These products are designed to be watertight, so don't forget to try out clear, or even colored, liquids inside your product...

*In this case I used water; I like how the flowers float inside!

Step Four

Seal and accessorize! After you put the base back on, finish personalizing your look by adding flowers, candles, candy, etc. This time, I went with carnations but who knows what I'll use next time!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned some tips and tricks to inspire you and your Vunder's style.

Until next post, cheers!


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