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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charitable Alliances


Dear Vunder Friends and Customers,

My greatest wish as an entrepreneur is to make Vunder so versatile that you look forward to finding new ways to express yourself! 


My greatest wish as a citizen is equally exciting, but far more serious, and involves my lifelong commitment to eradicating childhood sexual abuse.


By purchasing Vunder and making your corner of the world more beautiful, please know you are also adding some much needed support to education and healing through organizations like RALIANCE. 


RALIANCE is a national partnership that makes prevention possible by advancing research, influencing policy, supporting innovative programs, and helping leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities. For more information, please click here:


Together, let’s fill our lives with wonder, and empower our communities! 


With Kind Regards, 


Adam Kasha

Founder & CEO 

Vunder Brands

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