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What is Vunder?

What is Vunder?

That's a very good question.

If you ask the founder, he'll tell you Vunder is: "The world's first double walled glass vessel, specifically designed for use with decorative fillers. Featuring an accessible interior chamber that can be utilized through removing a friction-fit, watertight, silicone base."

While that is technically true, it's my opinion that we don't sell home decor products, nor do we sell some highly functional glass vessel. Instead, we offer limitless creative potentiality, empowerment of self-expression, and something than can help reflect your moods and intentions in your space on any given day.

How is that?

Simply put, we created something that's intended to be a centerpiece in your personal space, that can be personalized in minutes, which allows you to express yourself in that given moment.

To see a quick demonstration of what that means, watch our product demonstration video below:

The video is a useful in showing some of the possible uses for these products, but there's no true way to encapsulate limitless in a short video like this...

Aren't they just vases?

I'll admit, they do look like vases (candleholders and bowls), but they are so much more than simple home decor products. The technical elements, along with their patents, are unprecedented for this type of product and you can read more in depth about them on our homepage.

Another element is that each Vunder is handmade by a team of artisan glassblowers in our partner factory (Check out the video on the About page to watch their process).

Where can I learn more?

A great place to start would be our website:

Another option is to sign up for our monthly newsletter, where you'll be offered special pricing on newly released items, get insights on decorating with your Vunder, and more. (You'll find this within the pop ups when you first enter our website) Plus, we'll give you 10% off your first purchase just for signing up!

Finally, you can contact our customer support team directly at:

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