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Cleaning the inside of your Vunder

Your Vunder can be decorated with any filler you desire but unfortunately, particles and debris can get stuck inside your product.

Here are a few tips and tricks I use to shine mine up:

1. Remove the product's base cap

2. Pour a little dish soap and some warm water into the interior

3. Allow water to sit for two minutes

PRO TIP: try swirling the water around inside to help remove unwanted dirt

4. Dump out soapy water, rinse interior with clean water 2-3 times

5. Let the Vunder air dry, or hand dry it with a microfiber cloth

Once your Vunder is crystal clear and dry again, feel inspired to fill with different fillers...

*Today, I decided to add multi-colored river rocks :)

For decorating ideas, view our 2018 Collection page

Until next post, cheers!


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