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5 Tips to Up Your Shelf Game

The objects we bring into our life tell the story of who we are, what we value, and what we aspire to be. The problem is, most of the time, they are scattered all over the place and don’t tell a very cohesive story. So the question becomes, "how do you easily create a space that celebrates who you are?". There are many answers to this, but turning what is usually just a place to store things into a curated space of objects that tell the story of you is a great and affordable way to start.

1.Tell a Story

Double-walled Venice Votive with seashells

Before you touch anything, pull out a piece of paper or in my case, create a new Evernote, or try out a mind mapping tool such as MindNode to begin identifying emotions you want to evoke, personality themes, and anything else that you would like to shine. You might want to think through things like what colors (I like using coolors) compliment your space and align with your personality, what kinds of textures you are attracted, what kinds of content you enjoy, etc. Don’t be self-judgmental here. This exercise is meant to caste a wide net of what is possible.

2. Vary the height of objects

The end result should be oozing with coolness, but appear effortless and nonchalant. You can achieve this by varying the heights of the objects you are working with. A rule of thumb to work with here it to think of an imaginary triangle when arranging your favorite things. The smaller items should form the base of the triangle while the taller ones should form the peak of it. Since we are using the triangle metaphor, grouping objects in threes isn’t a bad idea. Each tier of the shelf should have clusters of objects since the human eye naturally tries to group items, concepts, and imagery. Symmetry is great in most places, but if you equally distribute items on your shelf, the result might be a bit drab. Just saying…

3. Mixing Textures

Just like you shouldn’t use one texture or material for your interior space (include link for interior design fails), you want to create balance and vibrancy by having a wide variety of textures. Relating back to your story, what are the textures that map back to the specific emotions you want to evoke? When choosing textures, it is important to consider how both natural and artificial light will affect the way your textures look. I good place to start is to opt for something shiny (rose gold or brass for example), include a wood element, and then add something plush. Depending on your space, a rustic or vintage inspired object could be a nice touch. Etsy is a good place to find affordable objects for your shelf. Textures can also be in the form of rocks, stones, or crystals such our double-walled Victoria Vase vase shown below

Double-walled vase with stones

4. This is not just a bookshelf

Sure, books certainly tell a story of what we are interested in and inspired by, but the story doesn’t end there. Think of quirky things that you picked up during a trip or perhaps things you collect. If you happen to enjoy wine, why not include a few empty bottles that you enjoy and add some candles in them?

5. Plants/Glassware

To truly make your shelf space magazine or insta-worthy, you are going to need some plants, vases, candles, or all of the above. Here at Vunder, we recommend votive for a glassware accent or for less deep shelves. To make a bolder statement, you can try the Victoria. Our double walled vases allow you to inject both color and texture into your shelf while serving as a beautiful container for candles, flowers, or anything else you would like to put inside. We designed it with you in mind, so you can easily swap out the your fillers.

There you have it, a quick five step guide to achieving a shelf that speaks to you. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but will make a huge impact in making your space feel sacred and totally yours, especially if you rent and can’t do much to the walls (I feel your pain!).

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