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Vunder Brands Debuts Nationally on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most influential personalities on television, known for her lively spirit and mission to inspire kindness and laughter in others. Vunder Brands shares this vision to bring more beauty – and wonder – to the everyday through our line of double-walled designs for homes and inspiring spaces. This month, we are thrilled and honored to debut on Ellen’s show and be among the brands selected for inclusion in the newest BE KIND. by Ellen Subscription Box. These carefully curated boxes are sent seasonally to tens of thousands of subscribers across North America as a way for Ellen to spread more kindness to her community of recipients.

Tahiti Tealight Candleholder Featured in BE KIND Subscription Box

We picked one of our favorite products to highlight in the BE KIND box – the Vunder Tahiti Tealight candleholder. Its compact size fits well inside the subscription box and it gives recipients an appreciation for what makes Vunders so unique. When you flip the Vunder over, it’s convenient and easy to fill the double-walled glass vessel with personal and meaningful decorative fillers. When ready, close them off - away from the candle - with a water-tight seal. Traditionally, melting candles leave wax and residue that can ruin the accompanying decorative fillers, or even potentially burn some materials. The Tahiti Tealight can be used again after wiping the candleholder component clean. Picture spring wedding tables with delicate baby’s breath inside the Vunder or a beachy birthday party that incorporates sand into the décor. The possibilities for using and filling the Vunder are truly endless.

Here are some of our designer’s favorite ways to display the Tahiti Tealight:

  • Add seasonal flower petals to bring a pop of color to dinner or cocktail tables.

  • Fill the vessel with water and a few droplets of food coloring to match the hues of a party palette.

  • Play up the spirit of the holiday season with real or faux holly berries and greens.

Vunder Offers the World’s Most Versatile Designs

In addition to candleholders, Vunder offers a growing line of versatile double-walled vases in many shapes, styles and sizes. In the same way our design keeps fillers away from candles, users will find that vases leave more room for floral arrangements and reduce the need to clean filler material when replacing bouquets.

Vunder was born out of the idea to infuse more personality and delight into places where we spend time. We began as a company focused on decorative fillers and have sold our products in some of the world’s most well-known retailers. With an eye for design and innovation, we pushed the limits on what’s been possible and hope you’ll love our hand-blown glass vases and candleholders as much as we do.

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